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The Language Network is a decentralized ecosystem for language-based apps and services

See how the Language Network can transform Language AI

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A decentralized
ecosystem for Language AI

Language-based applications are poised to explode


of all searches will be voice by 2020 (Voice Search)


increase in share of wallet via voice assistant by 2020 (Voice Commerce)

1 billion

voice enabled devices by 2021 (IoT)


of enterprises will spend more on conversational bots than mobile apps by 2021 (Enterprise)

Third-party developer
ecosystems are stagnant


Smartphone penetration (%)

Smart speaker penetration (%)

Number of Apps in Apple App Store

Number of Alexa Skills

Despite robust smart speaker sales that are tracking smartphone adoption, the third party ecosystem for voice apps remains stagnant.

Closed platforms are killing innovation

Language AI requires large datasets of processed language data to train AI models. Such data is mostly hoarded by large tech companies.

Without datasets and models, innovators are not able fully utilize Language AI to build great products and services.


Enabling Broad-based Innovation through Decentralization

Problem 1

Open, Crowdsourced Data

Pools of crowdsourced data to enable broad-based experimentation and development

Problem 2

Dataset and NLP Model Marketplace

Rapid creation of labeled datasets and trained models through a marketplace of dataset and trained AI model providers

Problem 3

Voice Authentication

Voice-based fingerprints that can be linked to self-sovereign IDs to authenticate and log in users via voice and verify voice data ownership

Problem 4

Payments and Monetization

Native token to monetize data, models and voice-based dApps and pay out the entire value chain

Data crowdsourcing apps

Through our Morecoin mobile app, users can contribute data, earn LANG tokens and generate a Voice ID.

Developers and enterprises can use the MC Business app to crowdsource and purchase datasets.

mc busniess

March 2016

First chatbots built

June 2017

Developed voice ordering system with voice-to-product parsing and matching system

November 2017

Language Network conceived; created enterprise tool for real-time phone call monitoring and agent assistance

January 2018

Started development of mobile app for crowdsourcing voice data

February 2018

Language Network overview released, website launched

June 2018

Launch alpha on Ethereum testnet

August 2018

Public beta to crowdsource datasets

Q3 2018

Platform launch

Meet our team

Rob Lyu


Rob is the founder of Atlas, where he leads business development and manages the product roadmap. He previously founded a crowdfunding startup and worked in venture capital, private equity and investment banking. He majored in Economics and Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania.

Lucas Jo

Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Lucas is a speech/audio signal processing specialist with ten years of experience in speech/audio algorithm and system development. In addition to leading the NLP team, he is the creator of Zeroth, the first open-source Kaldi-based Korean speech recognition system with a data-driven Korean language model. Lucas holds bachelor's and master's degrees in speech recognition from Seoul National University.

Dongsam Byun

Lead Blockchain Engineer

Dongsam is a blockchain engineer with broad experience developing blockchain backends and smart contracts. He has contributed to pyethereum,, Raiden and Bitcoin. Dongsam majored in Computer Science at Dongguk University for his bachelor's, Korea University for his master's, and is a lecturer of Ethereum and Solidity programming.


Daniel Shin

Business Development

Daniel is the founder & Chairman of TMON. In 2010, Daniel founded Korea’s first social commerce business, and since, Daniel helped grow TMON to become Korea’s leading mobile commerce platform. TMON is currently used by ~15% of the entire Korean population, used by more than 9 million customers annually, and continues to lead mobile commerce innovation. TMON’s main areas of business are groceries, marketplace, and travel. TMON has raised over $500 million in outside capital.

Hobart Epstein


Hobart Epstein is a corporate financier with over 35 years of international banking experience in the U.S., Europe and Asia. He currently serves as a Visiting Professor at Yonsei University and a Board Member of Korea Investment Holdings, whose subsidiary includes Kakao Bank. Previously, he led investment banking at Tong Yang Securities Inc. as well as the Korean offices of Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse. A graduate of UCLA’s Anderson School of Management with an MBA, he has been the keynote speaker for many seminars and conferences, including World Economic Forum, Korea Chamber of Commerce, and AVCJ Forum.

See how the Language Network can transform Language AI

*Please email info at for a draft copy of the whitepaper